I can't find my password. What do I do?

Your username and password were emailed to you when you first set up your account. If you cannot find this email, click here and enter your username and email address and we will email your login information to you. If you do not know the email address with which you registered please contact us.

How do I change my billing and account contact information?

Login to your account, click the "Personal/Billing Information" tab, and you will be taken to a page where you can make any changes to your account contact and billing information.

Do I need to create a new account to enter a new listing?

If you already have a Cityfeet account, you can login to your existing account and click on the "Enter a New Listing" button. Even if you have no active listings, your account will always be active and you can manage your listings all in one place.

How can I see the listings I've created?

When you first added a listing, you created a listings account. You can login to view, edit or cancel current listings or to add any additional listings. Click here to be directed to the page where you can login to your account with your username and password.

How do I get a quick view of what my listing looks like without doing a search on the site?

Login to your account and click the "Preview" icon button next to the listing you'd like to view. This feature enables you to see what your listing looks like to searchers on the site.

How can I measure how successful my ad is online?

Login to your account and go to "Ad Management" tab. Next to each listing you will see an "Analyze" button that takes you to a page with reports for views and hits for your listing.

How can I make sure my listing is shown at the top of search results?

Login to your account and click on the "Verify" button next to the listing you want to push to the top of search results. Verifying a listing indicates that the listing is up-to-date and places it at the top of search results.

Will I be charged if I create a copy of an existing listing?

Yes. "Copy" allows you to create an exact duplicate of a listing that is already live. Once you click on the "Copy" button, you will be taken to a page where you can edit the duplicate listing and you will be charged for this new listing. The copy tool is useful if you have two similar listings to post, i.e. different space in the same building.

How do I make changes to my active listing?

Login to your account and click the "Edit" button next to the active listing you want to make changes to.

How often can I make changes to my listing? Will I be charged for the changes?

You can make changes to your listing any time, as many times as you'd like for no extra charge.

How long will it take for my changes to appear online?

Any changes you make to your listing will update on Cityfeet.com and the Cityfeet Network of partner sites immediately.

How do I cancel my listing?

Login to your account, click the "Cancel" button next to the listing you want to cancel. You may choose to cancel your listing immediately or cancel at the end of the current billing period.

I want my listing to be cancelled at the end of the billing term. How can I do that?

Login to your account, click the "Cancel" button next to the listing you want to cancel, and select the "I have not" leased/sold option. On the next screen, you will be given the option to schedule to cancel your listing automatically before it renews. You will not be charged for a renewal and your listing will remain live on the site until the end of the term.

I forgot to cancel my listing and it was renewed. What is the refund policy?

You have up to 72 hours to cancel and request a refund for listings that have been automatically renewed. No refunds will be given after that time. You must cancel your listings in your listings management account. Phone and email cancellations are not accepted.

Where can I see the listing(s) that I've cancelled?

Your Cityfeet account archives all of your cancelled listings. Click on the "Cancelled" option under the header of the ad type you would like to see.

I want to list a property I've advertised in the past. Do I need to enter the information again?

No. You can click the "Reactivate" button next to the cancelled listing that you would like to advertise again. You will be able to edit the listing before it goes live on the site and you will be charged for the reactivated listing. For help in viewing cancelled listings, see above.

How do I keep track of all the email leads I get from Cityfeet.com?

Login to your account, select an ad type by clicking on the appropriate header tab, and click on the "Leads" tab. You will see an archive of all emailed inquiries that were submitted directly through the Cityfeet Network for any active listings. Once a listing is cancelled, the leads are removed from the archive.

Why do I see leads in my account, but I haven't received any emails?

The leads that are in your account go to the email addresses assigned to the specific listing. If your email is not assigned to the listing, then you will not receive that email. The "Leads" section in the account management tool was created so that even if your leads were going to multiple emails, the leads could all be managed in one place.

Can I find leads for listings I've already cancelled?

No. Once a listing has been cancelled, any leads that have come for that listing have been removed from your account. If you need to find a lead for an archived listing, please contact us.

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