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Here's what people are saying about!

"I discovered Cityfeet online through the New York Times.  I was looking for office space and decided to search the classifieds.  Within 2 days, I was able to see 5 offices and found a great space as a result.  Cityfeet sent me daily listings of office space online, some of which had pictures, as well as dimensions and price listings.  This helped me narrow down my search and maximize my time during the process.  Now, my new space is almost twice the size of my present office and costs $300 less per month!! I have already recommended this service to a friend of mine who is also looking for office space and would definitely use this service again.  Thank you Cityfeet!"

Esther Blum
Essential Nutrition
New York, NY

"The best feature of Cityfeet was that the response came immediately after listing my space. I literally started receiving calls the same day."

Gino Damasco
Damasco Properties
New York, NY

" is the easiest, most user-friendly website available to the commercial real estate community. I have been using them for 4 months and I receive inquiries about my Cityfeet property listings on a weekly basis. is a great tool to help me market my available space and utilize the full potential of the internet."

Charles Beck
Advisor--Office Services Group
Grubb & Ellis Company
San Francisco, CA

"I added listings to Cityfeet and within 2 weeks I have amassed a large number of calls – I listed with three different services, and the vast majority of callers say that they found me through Cityfeet."

Mark Krieger
JMJ Ventures
New York, NY

" has the full support of Grubb & Ellis Company in San Francisco and here’s why:

  1. has a clear niche – small office spaces downtown. We like focus.
  2. markets small space for lease when for most brokers its too much trouble.
  3. works tirelessly. We like hard work.
  4.’s information is accurate & real time."

Alan D. Collenette
Managing Director, Northwestern United States
Grubb & Ellis Company
San Francisco, CA

"Cityfeet has identified an important niche, for both brokers and users, by focusing on the local market and on properties of less than 10,000 square feet. They set themselves apart from other listing services by the promoting their service to the user community through the aggressive use of advertising."

Harry Oliver
Executive Vice President
NAI Capital Commercial
Los Angeles, CA

" has given us exposure as well as a marketing opportunity. Very quickly after listing with we secured a tenant and the activity on our web site has increased markedly. is a great way to get to the small business owner."

Ray Palermo
Innova Centers
Atlanta, GA

" continues to impress us with their ever expanding services. We are extremely pleased with the response from our listings on, and thank for expanding to the and websites. A great deal of our business at Pacific Union Commercial is sales, and we look forward to’s expansion into the Sales listings area in the near future. I cannot recommend with more enthusiasm!"

Neil Kelly
Pacific Union Commercial Brokerage
San Francisco, CA

"I received as many calls and emails as I got from my ad in the NY Times, and the Cityfeet users were far more qualified, informed and better prepared to rent my space (quickly)!"

Michael Grunberg
Grunberg Realty
New York, NY

"The response I got from my initial listing on far exceeded my expectations, which prompted me to place additional ones on the site. This service is producing the critical mass that is so needed in the Los Angeles area commercial real estate market, and then they’re marketing it to the right audience.They are making the leasing process for smaller spaces easier for everyone is helping today’s technology-savvy prospective commercial tenants find space that fits their needs, while assisting me in reaching these prospects in a timely and cost-effective manner."

John McAniff
Senior Leasing Director
Cushman & Wakefield
Agency Broker for MetLife
Los Angeles, CA

" has been a very effective way for us to reach small office tenants here in New York City--it really generates calls and emails about our space, which is the bottom line."

Carmel Kashani
The Moinian Group
New York, NY

"WOW ! A live person from Cityfeet wrote a letter from an internet inquiry. Thanks very much for your follow-up. I actually got a reply this morning from the agent and am looking into the property further. Thanks for the great service and excellent website.
With so many real estate sites on the web, there are very few that provide the type of search and information that Cityfeet provides. I'm real happy that I found your site after seeing it advertised on the back of a bus. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent website!"

Prospective Tenant
Atlanta, GA

"I really like a number of things about send out timely real estate information about the markets they serve through their weekly Market Watch e-mails. That’s a great service that keeps me informed about what’s taken place recently in Los Angeles. But the most impressive thing about the company is that they actually follow-up on requests. When I call or e-mail and ask them a question, I promptly get an answer. The people at are very nice and very responsive, and that’s hard to find these days."

Stephanie Hung
Information Marketing Services Analyst
Colliers Seeley International, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

" is one of the best online resources for both commercial listings and for its ease in enabling individuals, companies, and brokers to locate space to meet their needs. has helped Techspace get more exposure to the Tenants in the marketplace and we look forward to working together to fill up our buildings faster."

Mark Mascotte
Managing Director
TechSpace, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

" worked very quickly for me...I received calls right after putting up the listing and have already closed a deal through a Cityfeet lead."

John Ramos
Abyssinian Development Corporation
New York, NY

" is much more service-oriented than its competitors – providing Tenants with guidance and services that, until only recently, were the monopoly of the commercial real estate community. Armed with this new information and utilizing the services of a reliable, experienced local broker, Tenants can control their destiny like never before."

Eric Robbins
Kabler/Robbins Commercial Real Estate
Danville, CA

" is clearly a leader in dealing with clients who need accurate information quickly. The website hosts a lot of great, well-organized, data. We will recommend our friends and clients to use their services."

Phillip Bright
San Francisco, CA

"We track our Cityfeet listings often and continue to get emails and phone calls from tenants searching for space on Cityfeet."

Steven Durels
SL Green Realty
New York, NY

"Cityfeet has saved my feet a lot of walking. I received a response this morning and went out to visit a site this afternoon. I can only imagine Cityfeet has helped a tremendous number of businesses, it is a great convenience for those of us looking for quality space, especially on a budget. Keep up the great work!"

Gregory M. Mitchell
Affiliated Media Group
Atlanta, GA

"We have been trying to open a restaurant in Berkeley since 1998 and have had absolutely no luck until now. To our surprise, by January 2001 Extreme Pizza will finally be opened on Shattuck Avenue, thanks to Within the first 20 minutes of surfing, I was able to evaluate several listings that met our necessities and parameters. We contacted the broker, did a walk-through and BAM, negotiated the lease. Thanks so much, we'll see you in the East Bay!"

Jimmy Ryan
VP, Sales & Marketing
Extreme Pizza
San Francisco, CA

"The site is easy to navigate and well laid out. The customer service and access to technical help is excellent. As a result of listing with, a transaction was completed and I am pleased."

Dan Miller
NAI Capital Commercial
Los Angeles, CA

"New broker, new brokerage firm. Two strikes against us? Not with the help of with the top brokers and owners would have taken years, but with Cityfeet, it only took minutes. Our tenant rep work hit the ground running. Thanks, Cityfeet!"

Malorie Edelson
Sr. Managing Director
Blue Ribbon Realty
New York, NY

"I have received at least three calls a week from small businesses looking for commercial office space as a result of marketing with"

Joshua Gerson
Beitler Commercial Realty Services
Sherman Oaks, CA

"Since July 1999, I have listed two sublets spaces on and have found tenants for them both right away. Now I'm adding another."

Mark Stenbergh
The Career Center for Computer Training
New York, NY

"'s click-through response technology allows me to trace the source of leads which is important to our clients and our marketing efforts. The site is set up so it is easy for us to maintain and keep our listings accurate. is developing a strong name among the tenant's of San Francisco and that’s the market we want our listing to be accessible too."

Meade Boutwell
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

"I received a postcard from Immediately it struck me as a great idea and the wave of the future--a convenient way for tenants and brokers to search on the Internet. I picked up the phone and called them. Mind you, I'm not connected to the Internet. All I had to do was give them a call and they walked me through the whole process and we had a listing up on the site within a matter of minutes. And the customer service is excellent--very hands on, very proactive and personal. I'd give it a 10. The results were immediate. Since we put my listing up, I've received dozens of hits and numerous telephone inquiries. I have unusual space and has delivered in bringing me qualified inquiries."

Ken Balser
Owner of a creative space building
Los Angeles, CA

"I found Cityfeet to be incredibly useful for finding my small office. A broker referred me to the site. I hopped on it, searched for space in Midtown West and Times Square, and contacted about ten people. All of the availablities were current, and I visited most of the locations. I found the space I ultimately chose through It is an amazing website."

Ed Bakhash
President AmericanPearl, Inc.
New York, NY

"I am so delighted with the service that Cityfeet offers, as have been the potential lessees that I have connected with through the service provided by I manage a small office building in a nice part of West Los Angeles with several vacant spaces. The smaller ones I find most difficult to rent because brokers don't want to be bothered with working with small spaces. As for advertising, the LA Times is too broad and expensive, and flyers and building signage have a very narrow draw.
I got more response from my listings than from any other exposure I’ve been using, and certainly a higher standard of potential tenants. As a result, I have found two tenants within a month of posting my listings on Cityfeet. They all shared with me what an ease and pleasure it was to survey available real estate through the web.
For me and my needs I don't think that I'll bother with any other advertising venue. I'm delighted with Cityfeet and wish them a long, broad, prosperous future (and me too!)."

Melissa Couch
Building Manager
West LA, CA

" not only provided one-on-one customer service, but an efficient, effective, affordable, and immediate way for me to reach prospective tenants."
(Closed a deal within 24 hours of posting a space on

Phil Singer
Owner, Encino Office Plaza
Los Angeles, CA

" has filled a niche in the marketplace by letting Brokers like myself market my properties using the Internet to find tech-savvy Tenants looking for a new location for their business in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

Tom Martindale
Senior Vice President/Manager
TRI Commercial/ONCOR International
San Francisco, CA

"I listed a space on and in about a week showed it twice...And two weeks later closed the deal. And now the owner will have an exclusive Gallery added to her established tenants. So how's that? I subsequently listed a basement space and two days later showed it to a Cityfeet "hitter" and we may close in a few days too. I think its GREAT! Thank you."

Harry Sepulveda
Ardor Realty Co.
New York, NY

"The San Francisco Bay Area market is extremely competitive for commercial tenants like us. After unsuccessfully searching for space through the newspaper for weeks, a friend told us about We logged on to and were able to understand the dynamics of this market in less than an hour. We made the decision to use the Cityfeet 'Find a Leasing Advisor' and were promptly contacted by a real estate broker that specialized in finding office space for tenants like us. Within 3 weeks we located our office...and was up and running!"

Chris Bulger
CEO, eCamps, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

"I am a leasing agent and I have advertised at more than ten different Internet sites. I was referred to this week and I advertised my properties on your site on Monday, February 5, 2000. I must say, your site is the best! I have gotten many more inquiries than I expected. I am very pleased with this site and I will definitely refer it to everyone I know. It was the least complicated and the easiest to use! I also love the fact that I am able to see how many people have actually looked at our locations. Thank you!!! I love it."

Tammy Allahverdian
Platinum Realty Management, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA

" is a tremendous service. We were able to select a good real estate broker who generated activity on our space in a matter of weeks. helped us develop a realistic idea of how to price our space and is easy to use. I also appreciate your help and follow-up."

Steve Dabbs
Atlanta, GA

" is an important website to the real estate brokerage community. I post my listings on and people call and email me to set up a tour. It's that easy! The people who run are courteous and helpful. is a success and I will continue to post my listings on their website. The more channels that I can employ to market my space for lease - the quicker I lease my space. Thank you!"

Scott Ellis
Vice President – Office Division
Colliers International
Walnut Creek, California

" has enabled me to focus on my core client base more efficiently. With an emphasis on covering an underserved component of the market, has filled a niche for my smaller tenant requirements. I also have had an opportunity to take advantage of the leasing advisor program and their listing service. Thanks to, I’ve increased my production for the year and have served my clients more effectively."

Quentin Hyde
San Francisco Broker
Cushman Realty Corporation
San Francisco, CA

"Seeing your advertisement on the back of the MARTA bus in Atlanta has saved me a tremendous amount of time and has allowed me to proceed with the expansion of my business with little interruption. Once at your site I was able to get an idea of the price per square feet for different office spaces in Atlanta. Once having determined what price range was best I had several options to choose from and have chosen a space for my business from the listings on your website. Thanks for making this information available to me."

Aaron Wilson
Temporary Accomodations
Atlanta, GA

"With, I receive inquiries on my listings.Those inquiries are forwarded to me immediately and, most importantly,the contact information is correct because it comes straight from the interested party. provides excellent customer service and that makes it easy to get listings up on the Internet in a timely and efficient is an excellent avenue for providing exposure on my listings."

Jeff Gershon
Told Partners, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

"In San Francisco there is no viable database for small listings in the neighborhoods. helps to fill this void and is greatly appreciated."

Marti Christoffer
Retail & Development Specialist
Starboard Commercial Real Estate and TCN Worldwide Real Estate Services
San Francisco, CA

"Cityfeet is an extremely valuable tool, both for the prospective tenants and the brokerage community. As a real estate agent, provides a great avenue for the marketing of available space directly to potential tenants. From the tenant's perspective, it helps further the education process in locating and selecting new offices."

Matthew Brasler
Whitney Cressman, Ltd.
San Francisco, CA

"Starboard has enjoyed your service. With a number of small suites available in our listings, has been particularly strong in driving traffic to these suites."

Hans Hansson
Starboard Commercial Real Estate and TCN Worldwide Real Estate Services
San Francisco, CA

"Thanks for the Market Watch. It's very difficult for me to keep up with the current market deals and adds to a new time saving tool for the office. Please keep them coming. Thanks!"

Keith P. Daigle
Hallwood Commercial Real Estate
Atlanta, GA

"I am delighted to provide a description of my pleasant experience with It was a lucky day I heard your advertisement during the business lunch hour on KNX radio.
As a ‘detail conscious’ landlord, I appreciate your forum especially in that I am allowed to present adequate details of my rental offering. I consider my properties to be above average, and your forum gives me the ability to evidence that. I received inquiries from parties that seemed to appreciate exactly those features that made my offering stand out. Knowing the details, the respondents were more likely to rent than respondents solicited by other means.
Curiously, I received no inquiries by email. It seems that my respondents preferred the immediacy of conventional telephone contact. Nevertheless, these were savvy customers who seemed to be cognizant of their responsibilities in a lease agreement.
I have been delighted with the quality of functionality of your web site. In plain English, ‘it works.’ Although I rented my space by means of a sign I posted at the site, I received enough inquiries to feel the value of your service. This differs sharply from my experience with newspaper ads, which I consider simply to be a waste. I will recommend your service to other owners."

John Becich
Long Beach, CA

"I just wanted you to know that we too appreciate the service provided by It is a valuable option to the owner/user who has the proverbial "needle in a haystack" need/availability that necessitates broadcasting. is the broadcaster of choice for such requirements."

Tim Steele
Director of Commercial Services / Northern California
Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT
San Francisco, CA

"When I am searching for retail space in a specific San Francisco Bay Area city, I always check to compare what they have listed on their website. provides great comparables as well as properties not listed on other websites. Thanks!"

John Schaefer
CB Richard Ellis, Inc.
San Rafael, CA

" has been a great tool for the advisors of Whitney Cressman Ltd. and a great addition to the San Francisco Property Business Community. We all use your website and particularly find the weekly Market Watch extremely valuable."

L. Leland “Skip” Whitney
Managing Principal
Whitney Cressman, Ltd.
San Francisco, CA

" referred me to a building and I closed the deal for my Tenant, with little effort, in just a couple of weeks!"

Susan Valenta
Cushman Realty Corporation
San Francisco, CA

"After posting only 4 listings on Cityfeet, I received a tremendous response from a variety of principals, domestic and international. It augments everything I am doing in real estate."

Grace Sardell
Richard T. Halpern & Co.
New York, NY

"I have been using since its inception to list and track available space. The data is current and the reports thorough. I highly recommend the service."

David A. Klein
Senior Vice President
BT Commercial Real Estate
San Francisco, CA

"Commercial Real Estate has always been about choices. In order to make sure you have found all the choices for your client, you better have checked Thank You."

Jack Churton
San Francisco, CA

"Thanks so much for putting together this site! We are a small non-profit that will be looking for space in six months and this is a tremendous resource for us…until now we had no way of taking the search into our own hands."

Karen Clark
Director of California Programs
Poets & Writers, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

"We received numerous qualified leads after listing our space with Cityfeet. The web site was able to generate a very impressive response rate for us. Also, their support staff was incredibly helpful."

Meredith Abreu
Manager of Business Development
New York, NY

", I have a number of listings on your site and I’ve been getting a number of calls from them. Appreciate it!"

Jonathan Tomasco
Sales Associate
Cornish & Carey
Emeryville, CA

"Response from tenants has increased as much as 15% on some properties due to our exposure on We are diligent in asking and Cityfeet has been a great addition to our marketing plan."

Kenneth R. Simons
North American Realty
Sherman Oaks, CA

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