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Renewing/Extending a Lease

Renewing/Extending a Lease
Akin to every other stipulation of a CRE lease agreement, the term (duration) is negotiable. Thus, when searching for property and bargaining with the lessor, one should keep in mind various term options. Depending on the property's use and the impact of location on your business, several alternatives are available. For instance, if your business is rapidly developing and you are seeking a short-term lease, renewal options become very important. A renewal clause within a lease would permit a tenant to continue the agreement after the original contract has expired. Remember that lease renewal is a simplistic task, if done correctly. Extending a CRE lease isn't just beneficial to the tenant; the landlord saves time, money, and perhaps stress from looking for a new lessee.
Oftentimes, a renewal clause paves way for a term rent increase. To avoid an unexpected and burdensome rise, attempt to negotiate a prearranged rise in the rental rate. Before signing a lease, it would be wise to research renewal options and agreement extension possibilities. Decipher between automatic renewals, fixed end date, and periodic extensions.
Nonetheless, though fairly clear-cut, there are several costly and common mistakes. A few wrong decisions can hinder an entire profitable undertaking.
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