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1031 Tax Exchange   What Is 1031 Exchange?  
  Steps In Exchange
  1031 Exchange Process
  1031 Exchange Requirements
  Reasons To Exchange
  Sample Savings In 1031 Exchange
  1031 Exchange FAQ's 
  1031 Exchange Glossary 

Accountants/CPA    CPA  
  Public Accountant  
  Functions of CPA  
  International CPAs  
  The Two-Tier System  
  Ethics Exam  
  Continuing Education  
  CPA Associations  
  Areas of Finance  
  Duties of an Accountant  

Appraisers     What is an appraisal?  
  Should you get an appraisal?  
  What does a real estate
appraiser do?
  How is market value determined?  
  What criteria goes into an
  What does an appraisal report contain?  
  Where does the appraiser get outside data from?  
  When can I expect my appraisal report?  
  What is the cost of an appraisal?  
  What is the USPAP?  
  What qualifications are required
of appraisers?
  What professional organizations exist for appraisers?  
  What Goes Into An Appraisal?  

Attorneys     Commercial Real Estate Law  
  Differences Between CRE and Residential Property  
  Obtaining a Loan  
  The Difference Between a Real Estate Broker and a Real Estate Attorney  
  Escrow and Titles  
  Escrow Instructions  
  Preliminary Title Report  
  Title Insurance  
  Real Estate Purchase Contract  

Auctions/Foreclosures   Commercial Foreclosure  
  Foreclosure Properties at Auction  
  Property Value  
  Commercial Real Estate Auction  
  Advantages of Selling via Public Auction  
  REO Properties  
  Public Auction vs. Foreclosure  
  Auction Tips  

Executive Suites/Virtual Offices   What is an Executive Suite?  
  What is a Virtual Office?  
  Why do I Need an Executive Suite/Virtual Office?  
  What is the Process for Looking for a Venue?  
  What Else Do I Need to Consider?  

Meeting Spaces    Why Should I Book a Meeting Room?    
  What Type of Meeting Room is Right for Me?  
  What is the Process for Booking?  
  What Should I Consider Before Booking?   

Mortgage Lenders    Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Lending  
  Why You Need a Commercial Mortgage  
  What I Should Consider Before Contacting Mortgage Lenders  
  Commercial Mortgage Process  
  Commercial Mortgage Loan Types  
  Choosing Brokers and Lenders  
  Commercial Mortgage Pricing
  Commercial Mortgage Tips  

Movers    Simplifying The Moving Process  
  Settlement Programs  
  Planning Your Move  
  Moving Boxes  
  Choosing a Moving Company  

Real Estate Careers   Why Choose a Career in Real Estate?
  What Are Some Real Estate Career Options?  
  How Do I Prepare for a Career in Real Estate?  

Storage   Storage Today    
  Storage Guidelines  
  Helpful Storage Tips   
  When Storage Isn't Necessary   

Sublets    What Is a Sublet?  
  Advantages of Subleasing  
  Are There Any Disadvantages?  
  What Is Shared Office Space?   
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