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What is an Executive Suite?

An executive suite provides a fully equipped professional office space that can be leased out by an individual, small business or large corporation. When leasing an executive suite, you pay a lease (usually monthly) just like you would if you were leasing office space. The main difference is that an executive suite provides much more than just empty office space.


Executive suites come fully furnished with desks, tables, chairs and all other standard office equipment. In addition, there are many more amenities that are usually included in the monthly fee. These range from additional services such as voicemail and office supplies to facilities like a shared kitchen and waiting room. A more comprehensive list of typical amenities and facilities can be found below.


Ideally, most normal executive suites are designed for between 10-15 people. However, there are options available for as many as 50-60 and as few as one. The capacity of the suite depends on configuration and the facilities, and this will vary from company to company.


Some typical facilities include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Kitchen facility
  • Boardrooms
  • Training facilities
  • Office furniture
  • Cubicles
  • Copy centers
  • Color printers & copiers
  • Technical support & training
  • High speed internet and LAN
  • Video conferencing

Some additional amenities include:

  • Secretarial support
  • Shared reception area
  • FAX, courier and shipping services
  • Voice mail
  • Office supply provisioning

It is important to remember that ALL of the above (and usually more) are normally included in the monthly lease rate!

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